The #1 problem in #abpoli #ableg is the idea that ANY critique or disagreement is only, exclusively partisan.

There are always substantive, good reasons for disagreement. Gov't must be open-minded to that.

Obsequiousness doesn't produce good public policy or governance
This idea of the "embittered partisan" isn't very persuasive, except for those who are looking for reasons to completely dismiss negative feedback.
The choice to frame substantive concerns as "bitterness" is pretty gross on gendered grounds, too. It cues the trope of the bitter ex girlfriend in a context where the concern focuses on why political men should NOT publicly pre-empt experts who are women
The choice to label critique as bitterness is bad enough when it dismisses reasonable, genuine concerns.

It is worse when it is known that #COVID19 has seriously exacerbated intimate partner violence, esp for women who cannot leave an abusive partner
Instead of using such lazy, sexist devices to dismiss substantive concerns, the GoA should perhaps focus on ensuring everyone who has to stay at home is safe there
Instead of trying to convince Albertans that all critique is just "bitter partisans," #abpoli #ableg should do 2 things:

1) Let Dr. Hinshaw do her job without a political lens, and
2) Quickly provide & increase support and space for any Albertan who isn't safe in their home
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