This thread will be talking about the hate, but I still want to use the hashtag. Stream CALM as much as you can today, we can’t stop streaming while we’re fighting to right what is wrong. That makes our fight less effective. #billboardspeakup #CountThe10kBillboard
I have nothing against Dua Lipa, I enjoy her music. But the fact that 5SOS have openly supported her multiple times and her fans are still attacking 5SOS and their fans and making up falsities about them is absolutely disgusting.
I get that you’re upset that your favorite didn’t do as well as you hoped, but what those of you hating are too blind to see is that we got screwed over. I’m not saying this to attack anyone in that fandom, but how your favorite charts is up to you and your dedication to them.
I haven’t seen much myself, I have seen what others have shared. But what I did see myself angered me deeply. Not because I’m a fan, but because what is being said is so immature, ignorant, and insensitive.
This is only one person. The fact that you think ‘sarcastically’ calling them worse than Hitler and making fun of mental illness is okay is disgusting. When someone is being sarcastic back you can’t handle it, showing that you should be doing this in the first place.
This is a time when we are trying to fix the music industry, attacking each other isn’t going to help us do that. @DUALIPA If you are aware of this, please be a leader and speak up. This only looks bad on you in the long run.
Again this thread is not meant to attack anyone, only to bring light to and hopefully work towards ending the hate.
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