At least 12 conflict parties have signed on to @antonioguterres’s appeal for a #GlobalCeasefire.

It is a promising start and the UN Security Council should endorse the call wholeheartedly. [Thread] ⇊ 
UN Secretary-General @antonioguterres struck a positive note amid the prevailing gloom when he proposed a global ceasefire that would allow all actors to focus on battling #Covid19.
Non-state armed groups from Colombia to the Philippines endorsed the idea.

The UN can now cite at least 12 conflict parties that have acknowledged the appeal.

@CrisisGroup has joined 193 other organisations in backing the initiative. 
However, there have been some setbacks:

🔸 The Cameroonian government has shown no interest in the separatists’ ceasefire offer
🔸 Efforts for a ceasefire in #Libya appear to have derailed completely
🔸 The Colombian government has treated the ELN declaration sceptically
The conflict actors who endorsed the ceasefire are still driven by the grievances and tensions that prompted them to fight in the first place.

No universal appeal can erase them.
The #UNSC needs to form a common position on the threat posed by #Covid19.

Supporting a narrow resolution that backs the Secretary-General’s #GlobalCeasefire call will give it some additional credibility among sceptical states and armed groups.
Armed groups might consider halting operations if some of the social and economic difficulties facing their supporters are addressed.

The UNSC could offer additional political backing to those actors who are prepared to cooperate with the initiative.
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