People are noticing the facts pointing directly at #Democrats being behind #Coronavirus.

Hard to ignore this list

Thread 1/9
1/12 #Pelosi issues one way or another threat
1/15 Delivers Articles to senate after delay
1/15 1st person to arrive with #Coronavirus from Wuhan
January: Harvard Professor and 2 Chinese nationals arrested.
#Democrats want to reverse travel ban and allow more illegal immigrants in.
That after over a thousand Chinese national were stopped at the southern border a couple of months before.
#CDC lied to the President about test kit readiness.
#Democrats & #Media downplay #ChineseVirus as late as March 10. DeBlasio saying it is about like a cold.
Suddenly they start pushing panic and hysterics, criticizing the President.
We find 39 million masks and 4000 ventilators sitting in ware houses.
#DeepStateFauci puts out extremely high death and infection numbers (He has now backed off )
Fauci also said he would prescribe #hydroxychloroquine. Then started spreading doubt about it.
#Pelosi delays two #coronavirus funding bills. One so they could run attack ads against #Republicans before super Tuesday. One so they could push a lot of junk spending.
#Democrats & #media have done NOTHING but lie and criticize trying to create an incompetence narrative.
#Democrats and #FakeNews cover for China's lying. The President was right. Their death rate is much higher.
#Dems declare things that should be done the President is already doing or done.
They are attacking an effective safe cure, that has been around and used.
It has been used in several countries and here with nearly 100% effectiveness. This of all makes complete utter non sense and seals the deal that #Democrats wanted this thing to be much worse, but the President has cut them off each time.
If you are not seeing where this is going, you are dense or you hate the President so much you justify the means.

Neither is a good look.
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