On our post-breakfast walkie, my two boys & I were escorted by some of our semi-feral ninja #mouseketeers. They don't let me get too close but they love to join us. I have been feeding them for about a year now & they still act like I am a bad hooman!😬
#cats #thursdaymorning
I still miss all my fur angels, who left for the Rainbow Bridge years ago.
Mickey Blue Eyes was a very tall, handsome, gentle Aussie/Husky mix and he knew how good looking he was. I loved it when he howled and talked back. He was such a clown.
Lucky, an #Aussie/Border Collie mix & blue merle like his brother from another mother Mickey, was the first #dog my husband and I adopted 23 years ago. He was an amazing dog w/a strong herding instinct. It drove him nuts when his sheep were in different rooms in the house. 😂❤️
Sir Nogs, or Nogie, was the very first furry kid we adopted the year after we got married. When we brought Lucky into the family, he was so upset that he didn't come down from the second floor for 6 months. #CATS! They can be so incredibly weird. He lived 16 1/2 yrs. I miss him.
When we bought our current house, we realized that more and more feral #cats were born on our property but these ginger #kitties became very tame (most of them) and I cared for them like the animal lover I am. I miss my ginger gang very much. There were 11-15 at some time.
I spent hours sometimes, just staying on the ground with these cuties taking photos. When it comes to #animals, I have the greatest amount of patience imaginable. These #cats were pretty good models when I took the time to wait for the right moment.
Our triplets, Strudel, Nudel & Dudel were a funny bunch. They had another sib, who died right after birth. Strudel and Dudel were identical longer-haired #cats while Nudel had short hair. Strudel lived to be 10 yrs before she disappeared. Her bros went missing at an early age.
We also have a gaited trail #mule, Red River Willie, who came from #Texas to us. Unfortunately, my husband had to stop riding him a few years ago due to his old back problems. Willie is boarded w/horses at a friend's place & now living the good life of being a grass composter.
My #soulmutt Nevi(lle) will be 12 in July. He is still romping & jumping w/Teddy, who is about 1/2 his age, like a young dog. He's in amazing shape. He saved me when I got very sick while my husband worked overseas for 3 years. I love him like crazy & wish he'd live forever.
I am having real fun posting photos of my current and angel fur kids today.

There is more to life than politics, even on Twadder.

Today is for #pets who make the best companions.

I can't imagine a life without any.
Teddy was a Christmas gift for Nevi in 2013 after his buddy Mickey had passed 3 years prior. Bc my hubsy was working in Tbilisi, Georgia, it took us this long to get a new brother for Nevi. Teddy commits thievery daily & only gives back his victims for a ransom treat. 😂🤣
Olaf, one of our indoor Beasty Boyz, is a true individualist, who sings dramatic kitty arias each night, zooms around like he's got a new battery up his tush - but most of the time stays to himself and rarely even wants us to approach & cuddle him. He is a weirdo but adorable.
His litter brother, Sven, on the other hand, is a huge cuddly bug, who never passes on a chance to climb on top of me to purr me into complete relaxation while weighing a ton on my chest or belly. #Cats can be so different even as true siblings.
Ask me about their names.😋
It drives my hubsy crazy that Sven, my snuggle purr machine, manipulates him with real #cat tactics into being immensely jealous bc Sven doesn't like to be held by him. He will approach my husband but at the last moment he often will turn away & leave a very frustrated hoodad😂🤣
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