There is no benefits in extending #LockdownNow.

It's bullshit as per current situation.

I would love to die With #Corona instead of dying without job and roaming shamelessly around my families.

Working person in the middle class families are very few.

Textiles, Restaurants, Food manufacturers company, Automobile Sectors are still rising and if not they'll again rise with more benefits after lockdown.

Police/ Doctors (No hard feelings,Respect) are still doing their job and will do keep doing it after lockdown too.

Media/News r getting more benefits now as they always wanted something to show as per their agenda, they are getting high paid now or else later there will be no harm into their businesses.

Politicians/Films personality Helping a lot but will be on the same place after lockdown.
People belongs to Lower middle class are still getting help and will always be helped because we in india want to help needy.

What about those who are working in Private sectors/Middle class Family?

Who is asking for them?Who will ask about them?

i think No one.
We follow the rule, We respect doctors/Police and everyone.
What will we get after lockdown?

Later we will come to know that their is no project, You are fired, Leave the job.

There will be a Huge job crisis.
For 1 post their will be a thousands of employee will be interviewed.
Yes , You can say that if you have talent you will get the job, True.

But there will be 1000's of same talented people.
Who will look after them?

We the middle class family are gonna die after #Corona Lockdown too.

We are also on the same phase now and will always be.
This thread is not to disrespect any other individuals but to inform that I have got my job after so long, I have worked too hard ofcourse i will do it again, It's needed not just to feed my families, it's because of my self respect.

@PMOIndia @narendramodi 🙏
Instead of extending the Lockdown Govt must think about those who are spreading it knowingly, There is no use of even 1 year of lockdown.

This thread is important not for me only but for every middle class family.


I am still with @PMOIndia's every decision.
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