It takes *effort* to look at the past 30 years and blame Democrats, not Republicans, for the problems. W lied to congress to get permission for a war, for the PNAC plan? Well Ds should have known he was lying, assumed that presidents routinely forge intelligence.
Republicans remove a restriction put in after the last crash, and start doing the things it forbid, leading to another crash? Blame Democrats for not punishing them enough afterward. Should have found a way to make new harsh law & apply it ex post facto. Screw the Constitution.
Republicans take foreign help to cheat in an election in which they've nominated a white supremacist fascist? Democrats shouldn't have chosen That Woman as nominee. Her opponent would've been impervious to all cheating or hacking.
It goes on and on and none of it is logic and we shouldn't waste our time trying for that voter. There are a lot of people who just "never paid attention to politics before" and have no strong ideologies, who now see politics can kill you if you don't pay attention to it.
And most of those new voters are going to read a bullet list of the things Democrats stand for and go oh, I want all those things, and I definitely don't want the guy killing everyone with his incompetence.
They're not going to be like "NO, you FOOL, Pete and Warren's plans were TOTAL BULLSHIT, only BERNIE'S plan, the one that mandates we immediately shut down the existing insurance companies and make private insurance illegal, is a good plan."
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