Why it was so easy for all the #Pedophilia & #Satanism to be right in front of are faces
Denial keeps you sleeping even when you know something isn't right
The easy road is why you are sheep, [They] know that the vast majority will always flow like water & towards the path of least resistance
Being in the dark & acting like you know nothing is wrong is the expectation created by #FakeNews & [Their] #EchoChamber of lies.
[They] know a #GreatAwakening would be the downfall & with all the evidence brought to light by #Patriots & #Anons still you sleep.
We are literally surrounded by evil, yet you still sleep. What's about to be unveiled will and should shake your very core as a human being.
This was not another 4year election, this was and is an Awakening beyond consciousness.
This isn't a scavenger hunt to know who #Q is, this is hunting the hunters & bringing the world together.
This is about holding those accountable for #CrimesAgainstHumanity & the #Truth that's been hidden from us for centuries.
This is about our children & knowing #GodWins
There are #NoDeals & [They] will not walk away from this.
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