Unhelpful terms, a thread.
1. Homeschooling. Homeschooling is a particular thing and is NOT what is going on for the majority of young people now. What's going on for them is (more than usual) learning at home. 1/
2/ Schools are designed to support the learning of groups of children, usually by age. Homes aren't like that, so the support for learning should not be (and cannot be) the same.
4/ 'Fall behind' Fall behind WHO? (Whom?). No one is studying the 'usual' curriculum. We are not going back to the same system we left, with the same expectations.
/5 Safety, security and health - in all forms - first and foremost. That includes the health, etc of professional teaching staff. We cannot carry on 'as normal' because these are not normal times.
3/ Online learning. No one learns online. People learn through an internal process of adding new knowledge/ideas to what they already have -just as they have always done.
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