1/ I spoke today on . @tntradioempire about this:
My husband is an Infectious disease doc. They are *pretty damn busy* right now at Penn 🙄.
We know we both will get deployed. His came first.
We didn't hesitate: he will be on inpatient #COVID19 service next wk.
That means:👇
2/ -cleaning up spare bedroom/bathroom w/locks on doors so kids won't go in
-packing up suitcase as if he's moving out x2wks
-figuring out multiple changes of clothes & food for him in isolation
-prepping our wills/POA/etc
All of this was easy.
The hard part? 👇
3/ The hardest part was telling our kids that they cannot see or touch their father x2wks.
My 4yo is mad she can't get her bedtime routine
My 8yo started to cry: he understands this virus kills. He is afraid. He wants to help people, but he doesn't want his dad near the virus.
Last: this is our job. We actually have VOLUNTEERED to be deployed early. We want to help pts & our colleagues out.
But there is a human cost to every life sick/lost-a network of pain.
Please: YOU can help ALL of us by #SocialDistancing. Help us flatten this FASTER.
Thank you.
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