2/ The grief and loss for what will come is rolling through our timelines, now government has turned their backs on us.
11/ I feel like I have cried for a month now, Anne.

Not just for my death - for the deaths of others like me.

For the deaths of homeless Aboriginal people.

But most of all for the fact that a govt that said they cared for us did not care at all.

12/ Peter suicided four weeks ago.
12/ Today I heard that a woman in a group home is being told that she is getting 'blood pressure meds'.

There's nothing wrong with her blood pressure.

She is getting sleepy a lot, she says.

Turns out it is chemical restraint.

Better than being tied into a chair like others.
13/ I always respected Anne's work and thought she was a person who had integrity. I can't repaste the rest of it, but there are people whose NDIS plans will be defunded, regional Australians who will die because they have no NDIS or community supports, suicide everywhere.
14/ If you have one shred of care for disabled people, listen to this video from my friend Dr Margaret Kennedy, who, like me, has a neuromuscular disease. Like me, she is waiting to die. She is ANGRY.

Please listen. She is Irish, but this is UNIVERSAL. https://www.facebook.com/margaret.kennedy.353/videos/10157958686552348/
15/ And I don't think I have ever said this before, but for those of you who are contemplating suicide -

1. Please text me or someone who cares about you if you are dubious, if you need someone to talk to. My number is 0400890571.
2. Please don't.
3. If you do - tell the world.
16/ They do not care for us at all, this much is clear. @CraigWtweets is right, though- we will not take this passively. We have to fight for our very existence. If I die unjustly, @ScottMorrisonMP, bear in mind - it will be a very PUBLIC death.

Fight, people. #WeAreEssential
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