1. Anyone who works in Forest Health in Canada is going to recognize this story. We have a systemic problem in the way this country is constituted and governed. #coronavirus https://twitter.com/picardonhealth/status/1248201920457646081?s=19
2. It's too early in this coronavirus pandemic to respond in full, to conduct a post-mortem analysis. We're halfway through the first phase of a three-phase program. But ...
3. Canada's fractured governance plus federal under-investment through the Harper years continues to be a major stumbling block in the efficient management of national scale biological threats that necessarily require interprovincial and territorial coordination.
4. "I'm from Ottawa, and I'm here to help" is an old line that gets told again & again in the Boomer class. It's a federal admission that it recognizes its coordinatorship role, but lacks the field skill (and financial clout) required to deliver provincial-level programs.
5. But as a Gen Xer, this line doesn't make me laugh or eyeroll. It makes me ask: "why does it have to be this way? Which is pretty much what Bernie Sanders said on Stephen Colbert last night, if you saw him.
6. I'm going to pick this thread back up again when it's time. It's not time right now. I'm going to close for now by mentioning a couple of themes to be picked up on later.
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