Today at parade ground chitral, @DCLowerChitral under the leadership of commissioner malakand displayed incompetency and gross mismanagement and above all violated section 144 themselves.


1st I would like to mention that we don't doubt the intention of our national hero, Shahid Khan Afridi who came all the way not as a tourist but as a helping hand during these challenging times. The distribution of relief package could have been done in a more appropriate way....
...taking all precautionary measures. But it seems that commissioner malakand wanted to do the relief package distribution ceremony with pomp and show as he himself came all the way from swat, which takes 6 hours drive to reach chitral just to show Afridi his face leaving...
...all important tasks of fighting COVID-19. If it were not Afridi coming to chitral, would the commissioner malakand sb have bothered to pay a visit to Chitral to oversee the progress of district administration regarding Covid-19.
Does it suit to an officer of his calibre...
.. to come personally to supervise it? No. Could it have been done in a more appropriate manner? Yes. Was it necessary for commissioner malakand to supervise it personally and that too in poorly manner? No. Then why he, DC chitral-lower & DPO violated section 144 and ...
put whole of Chitral in danger. Hospital OPDs are closed many genuine patients could not see doctors at DHQ Chitral. Dare I ask the distt administration why on earth it deemed necessary to a arrange such a huge gathering when everything is closed down amidst this pandemic..contnd
What if, God forbids, anything happens regarding Covid-19 in Chitral otherwise free from Corona cases so far.
Who will be held responsible putting public health at risk? I reckon it is commissioner malakand & DC L-chitral who ll be held responsible & rightly so... continued
I therefore request cm @IMMahmoodKhan and @Jhagra to take strict action against the commissioner malakand and DC lower chitral.
@ImtiazGul60 @sumrkhan1 @ZarrarKhuhro @SHABAZGIL @OfficialDGISPR @MazharAbbasGEO
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