Read "Twitter suspends accounts defending Philippine government response to coronavirus pandemic" via @washingtonpost as reported by @RegineCabato (see 6:42PM)

#COVID19PH #LuzonLockdown
You know why these trolls were suspended? @twitter said
"the accounts were found to be in violation of Twitter’s platform manipulation and spam policies, the social media site told The Washington Post in an email."

"Among the examples of behavior that Twitter says violate its rules on spam are posting duplicate content across multiple accounts, creating duplicate or multiple accounts, and sending large numbers of unsolicited replies or mentions." #luzonlockdown
Here is an example of posting duplicate content on Twitter . Remember the CEO of H&M ? How very original .
Trolls or spammy accounts are not always political. On facebook , suspicious looking & copy/paste accounts are "engaging" telco topics . Nothing new. It's happened before. Just be vigilant.
Sue @twitter then. Facts are facts. Duplicate content in multiple accounts are not free expression. It's SPAM.
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