Bruh... Low-key hate 3rd gen K-pop fans who complain about line distribution(LD). Like hunny!! Please understand that a good line distribution is NOT gonna be an equal line distribution. Y'all be throwing the term "fair" all over the place even when it's already fair. (A thread)
Now, in a lot of cases, the LD really is unfair but they're so annoying about it. Even in cases where the LD is fair they complain that the main dancer didn't get enough lines or some stupid shit like that.
I might as well share some examples of good and bad distributions.
This one is actually one that is both very even AND good. So I would classify this one as fair for sure. They added a whole part that originally wasn't there to match Jungwha's vocal tone and I loved that.
Now before y'all come at me, this song's distribution was not "unfair" because it wasn't evenly distributed. It was unfair because I honestly felt like none of their voices shined. Their parts were too short and changed too often. Good song, though.
3) VERY(x3) by IOI (FAIR)
Overall IOI had great LDs. This song was definitely the best one in terms of letting each member have a verse they could shine in even if some only sang once in the song. Obviously, this song was not evenly distributed (and that's okay)
Anyways, that's my two cents... I should go to bed... Might continue this thread later.
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