Sana solos

Be aware please!

Ye jo bhi Asim fans Sana ke baare mein achhe comment kr rhe h they just want to gain Sana fans supports.

They want Asim to ride on Sana's popularity.

Just be aware!

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I really feel their is some glitch.
And this is very strong gut feeling.

Like suddenly so many Asim fans praising Sana

They know himanshi have more haters than fans.

Sana is loved all over. They want to gain Sana solos sympathy for Asim to ride on Sana popularity.
Same game Asim played in BB against Sid. He tried to use Sana against Sid.

From very first week he was insecure of Sid and Sana friendship and time and again he spit venom for Sana.
And whenever Sid Sana fight tried to use Sana.
But Sana was smart af

But same game I can see going on from last couple of days.

Asim fans against himanshi and suddenly a flood of praise for sana.

Something is fishy I am telling you.

Be aware!
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