Thread: What is the significance of today's ruling from #HongKong Court of Appeal? It's not about masks. It's about the Emergency Regulations Ordinance (ERO).

The CA overruled the lower court, and made emergency legislation a viable tool for the HK gov't again. (1/4)
To invoke the ERO to make law, the chief executive can rely on "public danger" or "emergency." Last year, the High Court said the "public danger" ground was unconstitutional because it was too wide and uncertain.

Today, appeal judges made a complete u-turn. (2/4)
Appeal judges said that the chief executive is a "suitable" candidate to decide when there was public danger -- but this decision is subject to checks and balances.

If she declares a public danger and you disagree, you can challenge her interpretation in court. (3/4)
The bottom line is: the ERO should remain on the law books, according to #HongKong appeal judges.

Because there are enough safeguards for the ERO's operation (both in LegCo and in court), the "public danger" ground of the ERO is constitutional, they said. (4/4)
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