Cyril Ramaphosa whom his wife is a sister to both Patrice Motsepe and Jeff Radebe's wife. Jeff Radebe's wife, Bridget Motsepe-Radebe has business interests in energy sector. She went founded Mmakau Mining, a business with interests in gold, platinum, coal, ferrochrome, and
uranium assets. Cyril Ramaphosa went on to appoints her husband and his brother inlaw, Jeff Radebe, as the Minister of Energy Department.

In no time after his swearing Jeff Radebe rushed to sign contracts for renewable energies, as opposed to nuclear power,
contracts that will benefit his brother in law's company, Shanduka and that brother in law happens to be the very same Cyril Ramaphosa. This happened when Eskom publicly argued in that they don't have the money for IPPs.
Jeff Radebe's wife too is going to be a beneficiary through her energy sector businesses.

Patrice Motsepe’s African Rainbow Energy & Power is also linked to these renewable energy projects worth billions of rands. Not a long time in the future from now,
Eskom will be retrenching dozens of employees to cover up for this mess and we know who will suffer the most i.e. the majority of black people. Black contractors at Eskom will be losing their tenders while white monopoly capital companies and Shanduka continues to milk
Everything, will also recall that not a long time ago, the public was told by Ramaphosa, Gigaba and Gordhan that nuclear power station which they claimed with cost about 1 trillion rands was too much and not affordable. So far, the renewable energy contracts are going at
more than 1.3 trillion. Who's a fool here? The gullible public is.

There is no media and public outcry as this is a very dangerous and clear conflict of interest. It's a family affair. This is a big middle finger in the face of South African people
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