thread of user MSuppasit & gulfkanawut's interactions — a real life series in this blue bird app 🐦✨
shoutout to my favorite translator ever @BurningJaei huhu i love you ate joy 🥺💖

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mame: thank you both hia tharn & sor type @/MSuppasit @/gulfkanawut thank you for coming to cast as tharntype, phi will do her best!
mew: thank you mame for this opportunity krub, i will give my very best 😆
gulf: i will try my best too, phi 🥰🙏

g: who is free tomorrow? let's meet each other at CPS level 4 🤙🤙
m: can i come too?
g: are you already done with your homework?
m: (i) will leave if necessaryyy

m (caption): want to have a good group in ROV @/gulfkanawut
g (quote retweet): come onnnn 😜

m: rehearsing @/gulfkanawut (only MG can relate what is this about 🤧)
g: come onnnn
m: sure!

m: the 3 weeks of workshops is finally done @/gulfkanawut
g: i just started this 55555 (reading the book maybe)

m: (im) saaaaad @/gulfkanawut
g: (you're) making me crazy

m: thank you everyone & finally, thank you to each other too @/gulfkanawut
g: why choose this picture?
m: it's cute naaaa
g: tssss

g: father is so diligent 🤙 @/MSuppasit
m: uh, yeah!

m: wait and see @/gulfkanawut
g: 🤣🤣🤣

g: what a show off @/MSuppasit
m: mmmm so delicious
g: are you teasing me? 555

m: 🌊🌊🌊 @/gulfkanawut
g: finally ✌
m: already passed ✌

tm: please stop being sweet, i don't have a partner 🙄 @/MSuppasit @/gulfkanawut
g: how bold of you (to say that)
tm: ah ah just calm down 🤫✊

g: jealous?
m: jeaous? you love me already

(full trans in first photo)

m: ajaarn, for the interview (of phd?) on the 4th what should i prepare?
a: then mew should review on the dynamics programming to find out what research can be done & come to speak to me on thursday
m: ⚡💀

g: fighting na jaa!
m: fighting to you too!

g: flirting always (i am getting) bored 🤪
m: wait! i won't let you get bored 😎
g: come on then

(full trans in first photo 😭)

b: ehem! how are things between these two? tell me! 🤣🤣 @/MSuppasit @/gulfkanawut
g: well . . . like this . . . 555

m: khun i miss youuuu
g: not missed (fr is he sulking or teasing)
m: missed already 🤪

m: already complaining/rumbling early in the morning @/gulfkanawut
g: zhengmmmmm (whining sound?)
m: do it quickly, i have low battery alreadyyy

m: very artistic/well done @/gulfkanawut
g: because the owner (gulf) is good

g: i am not yai nong (but i am on the inside) 😂 @/MSuppasit
ma: right now, everyone is calling you yai nong
g: just call me nong 55
ma: well, it suits you naa or else we'll call each other (by names?)

g: oooeeeiiiiii @/MSuppasit

m: ta dam . . . @/gulfkanawut
g: oh, finally 555

m: bye bye to this hall room, thank you for the past 6 queues na jaa

g: hanuman (hindu god) won the battle 🐒

m: picture taking for ttts today 🤪
k: where is type?! where do you want to meet?!
g: evil lhong 555

g: 🤣🤣 is it bad 555 @/MSuppasit
m: so so 🤪

tm: my indulgent friend type 👉👌😮😮😵🤤 @/gulfkanawut @/MSuppasit (istg the emojis are killing me)
g: ai no! 😰
tm: EP. 4 ai type! this is just EP. 4 and twice already naa (two sex scenes with tharn)

m: add what? @/gulfkanawut
g: don't tell me . . .
tm: eeeuh! ai'tharn don't you know yet? recently, ai'type seldom comes to football practice already
m: he thinks he's the boss/captain again

g: there is a lot 😚
m: that's good
g: typooo (referring to his caption) 😤

g: crybaby ☹ @/MSuppasit
m: wait, i'll go buy milktea to comfort you

m: who is not sleeping yet? want to see the ending scene, watch on Line TV too 😳
g: it'll broadcast simultaneously 😋

g: for those who can't catch up on TV, you can watch on Line TV 😂
m: is it fascinating? 🤪
g: quite so 😂

m: it's someone's birthday this year (tharn's) is there anyone who wants to wish him well? like,,,that one roommate
g: gave it already
m: mom invites you to celebrate, come on mom wants to meet you
g: no, i am afraid your parents won't like me
m: she likes you already naa

m: [ deleted tweet ]
g: painful

(oh wondering what is this 🤔)

g: [ deleted tweet ]
m: where is my gift? 🤔
g: none
m: i thought so

g: see you at the talk show on channel 31 right now 😆

min: why did p'tharn sneak away with nong tar la?
kok: well, p'tharn belongs to tar @/MSuppasit
min: @/gulfkanawut come clear this yourself i will reserve the seat at the front view 55555
gulf: aw! aw! speak up euy tar!
mew: calm down! calm down na krubbb

tm: @/MSuppasit khun !! come and look after your person too @/gulfkanawut
m: i haven't seen gulf do anything yet 🤔
tm: bia bia (mocking) then he still spoils nong in the end
g: hanae (teasing tone) do you want to lose quickly krub?
k: it's like im watching a series 555

g: hurry and sleep (lie down) together na ngub please cheer for me, today i have a script rehearsal with phi 💗😋 @/MSuppasit
m: just a moment na krubbb

m: how are you hia tharn?
g: oe oe na jaa (omg he used it even before)
m: hu! (sigh)

m: thank you sooo much p'mame thank you for giving me the chance to play as tharn, i don't really know how to express my gratitude enough i hope everyone likes this scene
g: you are excellent krub
ma: we're great, do you both know that my mom cried when she watched it?

gulfkanawut: 😐😐

MSuppasit: 🤔🤔

m: rest today, tomorrow, susu krub @/gulfkanawut ✌
g: as usual hehe

MSuppasit: (my face) is not fat naa @/gulfkanawut

ttts: hmmm, this drummer who does he belong to? @/gulfkanawut 🤪🤙
g: whose naaa?
m: eeer don't knooow
g: don't you upset me 😒

(read the full trans on the first photo sksksks they're really a bunch of cuties 🥺)

kok: always . . .
kao: fong! fong! (hey! you!) @/gulfkanawut
gulf: thank you naa lhong 😌
mew: i love you the most (to gulf) 🥰
kok: still, i am your first . . . love krub 🙃

m: oooh! my shoulder hit the button of the sky train 😭
g: did it really (hurt) phi? (concern)

g: [ deleted tweet ]
m: phi . . . . . . asleep

MSuppasit: Last night 🌕

MSuppasit: thank you 🤗 @/gulfkanawut

g: [ thanking fans from his birthday event ]
m: #GulfKanawut (pointing out he had the hashtag wrong 😂)

k: tonight, (emotions) will definitely rise
m: stop teasing
k: someone’s gonna get jealous @/gulfkanawut
ttts: you will come to love the person you hate
m: come & watch the real life together with @/gulfkanawut 😌
tm: this kid is really evil @/MSuppasit
g: (cos i have) an evil adviser
tm: where's the thai translation (subs)?
m: 🤔

MSuppasit: done eating breakfast, it's already 11AM (int'l time) @/gulfkanawut 🤪

MSuppasit: next time, don't pinch nong's cheek like that i forbid anyone touching his face

remember when mew really went off that he just can't tolerate someone disrespecting his man 😤 (im still sad about this i hope this served a lesson to all of us 😔)

g: thank you to all the cast who made this series complete with different kinds of emotions & color. thank you so much for working with determination in every scene. the person that can't be forgotten is p'mew, thank you so much for being tharn to this type, TY. 🥰
m: ❤

m: thank you gulf for being my type & for being my yai nong. did you know that it could not have been anyone else, only you gulf. ❤
g: 💗

this still hits me every. single. time. mew couldn't imagine anyone else playing as type and same goes for gulf's tharn too 😭
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