Diego Maradona’s time at Napoli is the stuff of legend but when you look at the actual stats around his years there, it’s mind-blowing.
Here are Napoli’s Serie A finishes in the 8 seasons prior to Diego Maradona’s arrival in Italy. Solid but far from spectacular.
Here are Napoli’s Serie A finishes in the 6 seasons after his arrival. The contrast is astounding.
This is a list of Napoli’s top scorers in those 6 seasons; Maradona was a truly transformative force in Naples.
To this day, the 2 titles Napoli won in the Maradona era remain their only Serie A triumphs. In a region that places ridiculous importance on football, Diego Maradona completely reshaped their expectations.
This was sung across the San Paolo from the moment Diego arrived in Naples. When you’ve got your teammates singing it to you joyously straight after securing the Scudetto, you know you’re on another planet.

It’s been stuck in my head since last night.
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