I know I am only at episode 37 rightnow & we have few more chapters to go before I get to the BB train task episode where Sana allegedly confessed her love 4 Paras 2 Asim. So, I am just gonna say one thing for now; She didn't mean that for Paras. She never has (1/3) #SidNaaz
harboured any true feelings 4 Paras except for perhaps during the 1st when she was ONLY fooling around with him. It was the HMs including Arti & Fifi who had hyped up her angle with Paras & pushed her into thinking that he was actually into her. I have strong arguments with (2/3)
evidence as to what & why Sana had said it all 2 Asim & why she pulled the "ILY" stunt during the Billi task & I sure will go over every single fu*king detail in my threads.
P.S. it makes me sick when I read comments of people who call themselves a SidNaazian & yet don't hesitate
to question Sana's loyalty and love towards Sidharth at every single fu*king chance they get. & it also makes me wonder about the disgusting patriarchal mentality they possess where a woman always has to give justifications for her love & feelings. What a shame!
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