Out of the Wreckage

Tears ripple and splash
upon the shores of your soul
beckoning you deeper
into yourself
while beating heart
pounds deafness in your ear.
Echoes of your life reverberate
and float long enough
to remind you
where you have been.
Acquaint yourself
with possibilities
before you,
then reassemble your life
with pieces
that have been strewn about
by the hurricane
slowly moving away
from the wreckage
from the past
that has died.
Look upon the things stroked
with the brush of your heart,
infusing your world with hues
tinged with the pigment of your blood.
This canvas of your life
holds a masterpiece
yearning to be painted
one breath at a time.
Take your moments
one by one…
and allow life
to unfold you
in its own time.
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