Meet Aaron Milonas (pictured here imitating an edgy 13 year old on school picture day), president of the London chapter of the Urban Infidels, a hate group styled on the Soldiers of Odin and wannabe weekend bikers. 1/14
Now I'm no big city lawyer, but I have to surmise that neither he, nor I suspect the rest of the Urban Infidels, are big fans of yours truly. 2/14
Man I'm good look'n! 3/14
He also has a warning to fellow "patriots". Make sure that you don't allow people to infiltrate your groups! Exercise proper security and make sure that you lock down your social media tight like he does! 4/ 14 @EdmontonAgainst
Sage advise to be sure.

I just have one question.... 5/14
How is it that I have these screenshots Aaron? 6/14
So with that in mind and considering his advice to not engage in online beefing with other groups that give their opposition ammunition here is Aaron trashing the Northern Guard which is another a hate group styled on the Soldiers of Odin and wannabe weekend bikers. 7/14
Yeah! Club jumpers are the WORST amirite? 8/14
We do get some insight into the vaunted Northern Guard vetting process from a former member of the Alberta leadership (now a member of the Mammoths). Basically, it is slightly less stringent than finding an NG patch in a box of Pink Elephant popcorn. 9/14
Quick aside? Who names their group after a slow moving extinct animal known for getting trapped in tar pits and thinks it sounds intimidating? I mean, it is better than the Canadian Combat Coalition I suppose but that is a VERY low bar! 10/14
Anyways, they also talk about the horrible security culture of the NG. 11/14
It is at this point that I need to add.... uhm.... hello?!? 12/14
I will be writing at length about the Urban Infidels, the Northern Guard, and their nascent feud in future articles for @antihateca. I've been trying to behave and act professional, avoiding what I think was my trademark snark when I wrote for the blog. 13/14
That being said I'm not a machine and sometimes snark has to snark. ;) 14/14
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