Since I've been tweeting about this so much I've decided that I should just put together a thread so everything is in one place for everyone. I have no idea how long this thread will go, but let's see, shall we? ⬇️
First off: who are these migrant workers? #Singapore has close to 1 million work permit holders, men and women. Here we're talking about male migrant workers who work on construction sites, shipyards, petrochemical refineries, etc., mostly from #India and #Bangladesh.
On 5 April, the #Singapore government first gazetted two dormitories—S11 Dormitory @ Punggol and Westlite Toh Guan dormitory—as isolation areas for 14 days. This meant that about 20,000 men were confined to their rooms. #COVID19
That story, plus general shock at the idea of essentially turning dorms into prisons, brought lots of public attention to the conditions in dorms. The Ministry of Manpower responded to say they're working to improve the situation: https://www.facebook.com/Josephine.LM.Teo/posts/3665600290180906?__tn__=-R
This is all part of the #Singapore government's strategy to deal with #COVID19. They've classified locally transmitted cases into two categories: migrant workers, and cases within "our own community". https://www.sgpc.gov.sg/sgpcmedia/media_releases/mnd/speech/S-20200405-1/attachment/Remarks%20by%20Minister%20Lawrence%20Wong%20at%205%20Apr%20Press%20Conference%20on%20COVID-19.pdf
The Ministry of Manpower says they are working continuously to improve cleanliness and food quality: https://www.mom.gov.sg/newsroom/press-releases/2020/0408-8-april-2020---update-on-conditions-at-three-dormitories-gazetted-as-isolation-areas

These are photos of the meals that workers in one of the quarantined dorms have been provided today. They say it's much better than yesterday.
I've been alerted to posts on Facebook that are accusing me and others of spreading fake news about the workers' conditions. I've responded:
. @twc2sg recommends that at least 70% of the S$100 allowance goes to the workers, and to guard against situations where "the more scrooge-like the employer is and the more depressed his average salary per worker is, the more he will benefit from the government’s support."
I’m disturbed by this framing of “two separate infections”: there’s only one #COVID19, and it spread among workers ‘cos of the crowded conditions they live in. I worry this framing will further stigmatise workers as carriers and spreaders of the virus. https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/covid-19-record-287-new-cases-spore-219-infections-linked-dorms-foreign-workers-who-had-visited?cid=telegram_tg-single_social-free_26012019_today
Minister for National Development Lawrence Wong said that if he'd known that #COVID19 would explode in big clusters in dorms, he would have done things differently. https://mothership.sg/2020/04/lawrence-wong-do-things-differently-foreign-workers/ ⬇️
Migrant rights groups have been sounding the alarm for a long time. When I interviewed Luke Tan of @home_migrantssg earlier this week, he said, "It doesn't need to take a pandemic to expose these issues. Any outbreak of TB or any other contagious virus will have the same effect."
Minister for National Development Lawrence Wong says #Singapore is dealing with "two separate infections" of #COVID19: one among the migrant worker population (exploding) and one among the local population (stable for now). But migrant workers *are* part of the local population.
A thread on how to help: https://twitter.com/sgclimaterally/status/1248470382270529537
The reason migrant rights groups have said that it's a matter of urgency that density is reduced in the dormitories is because it's just not possible to really do safe distancing right now, even in dorms that have been quarantined. The government is now working on this. #COVID19
I've been sent/asked multiple times about a video of migrant workers in what appears to be an empty multi-storey car park, where bunk beds have been set up. I'm not sharing that video because I haven't been able to verify it, nor do I know the context of what's happening there.
Give them a living wage, good accommodation, and the right to unionise (properly, not NTUC-ly) https://twitter.com/historyogi/status/1248546364276879360?s=21 https://twitter.com/historyogi/status/1248546364276879360
A few days ago someone (on Twitter? FB?) suggested reading the Google Maps reviews of dormitories but I was too overwhelmed to do it right then. Just started looking through the reviews of S11 Dormitory.
None of these reviews are verified, of course, so take them with a pinch of salt. But they do suggest a variation of opinions and views about the dorms. These are Google Maps reviews of Westlite Toh Guan.
Today's #wethecitizens newsletter contains a sum up of quite a lot of the points raised in this thread, so some of you might find it handy as a one-stop shop that you can forward to/share with family and friends: https://wethecitizens.substack.com/p/covid-19-hits-our-migrant-workers
Following up on this tweet: https://twitter.com/kixes/status/1248513448927023110 @SingaporeHDB says healthy workers are being put up in completed multi-storey car parks and unused void decks of completed and safe structures. Manpower minister Josephine Teo also acknowledges the video: https://www.facebook.com/Josephine.LM.Teo/posts/3681539381920330
There is a bit of a jump in manpower minister Josephine Teo's comments: she acknowledges that the circulated video was "disturbing", and that her officers looked into it, but then goes straight to referencing HDB's post, which shows quite different conditions from the video.
Given that the conditions in the circulated video look quite different from what HDB says it should be, what did MOM and HDB find when they looked into that video? What has been done for the men there now?
These photos in @twc2sg's post were taken in Sungei Tengah Lodge on 11 April. While MOM says cleaning has been stepped up (read: https://www.mom.gov.sg/newsroom/press-releases/2020/0411-food-distribution-cleanliness-and-hygiene-standards-at-stl-and-td-stabilised-within-48-hours), there's a lack of bins outside rooms for men to put their trash into when they're done eating, and no soap in the washrooms.
I understand the trash has been cleaned up, probably as part of the three-times-daily clean-up MOM mentioned in their statement ( https://www.mom.gov.sg/newsroom/press-releases/2020/0411-food-distribution-cleanliness-and-hygiene-standards-at-stl-and-td-stabilised-within-48-hours). But as @twc2sg points out, this means men were told to eat in their rooms w/o immediate refuse collection or bins organised.
Here are the numbers of men in each gazetted dorm afaik:
Westlite Toh Guan➡️6,800
Toh Guan Dormitory➡️4,500
Sungei Tengah Lodge➡️24,000
Tampines Dormitory➡️2,000
Cochrane Lodge 1➡️accommodation capacity 5,000
Acacia Lodge➡️??? for now
This is a chart that Minister for National Development Lawrence Wong shared on Facebook. To give an idea of the scale of the outbreak among migrant workers, note the difference in y-axis for the last graph.
Migrant workers are being moved out to empty HDB flats, car parks, floating lodgings. This might be necessary given the sheer number of people who should be moved. But there hasn’t been any serious talk about housing them in the empty hotels they built.
That said, it is still disturbing that migrant workers are treated so differently and so separate from the rest of the population. https://twitter.com/kixes/status/1249563936988397570?s=21 https://twitter.com/kixes/status/1249563936988397570
It’s also a matter of stress and psychological impact if workers are made to feel like they are policed and imprisoned at an already stressful time. Floating dorms, car parks, empty flats are all being employed to reduce density but people also need to be treated like people.
Don't forget that migrant workers are also on Facebook! https://twitter.com/pauriahcarey/status/1249723078566801408?s=20
The vast majority of newly-confirmed
#COVID19 cases reported today ( #Singapore's highest yet) are migrant workers. https://twitter.com/ChannelNewsAsia/status/1249727456543531009?s=20
The government has been reluctant to say that #Singapore is going on lockdown, preferring to call it a circuit breaker, but all workers in 43 purpose-built dorms are going on lockdown: https://yhoo.it/3a8F5CM 
A report in @STcom today following up on the govt announcing safe distancing rules while workers are transported to and from work in the backs of lorries. MOM carrying out checks, measuring space between men. #COVID19 #Singapore
This seems really labour intensive at a time when the ministry is already stretched to its limits trying to grapple with the problem. Why not just make employers transport workers in buses, with seats marked out for safe distancing? https://twitter.com/kixes/status/1250322140735262721
For those of us who are following the migrant worker issue closely, I feel like the mood has turned from “ #Singapore is doing pretty good huh, everyone says so” to “oh God this is a humanitarian crisis” in the span of just a week. https://twitter.com/kixes/status/1250442813138821123?s=21 https://twitter.com/kixes/status/1250442813138821123
Analysts think that after #COVID19 regulations will probably be tightened further. (As. They. Should.)

But wow, it hadn’t fully sunk in before how lucrative a business running a dormitory in #Singapore is. https://www.singaporelawwatch.sg/Headlines/covid-19-will-shake-up-dorm-market-for-workers-analysts
Testing everyone is going to be really hard. From the beginning of #COVID19 in #Singapore till now we have tested close to 50k people. But there are 200,000 men in the purpose-built dorms alone, even before factoring in factory converted dorms and others. https://twitter.com/kusy03915146/status/1250469081699864576?s=21 https://twitter.com/KuSY03915146/status/1250469081699864576
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