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So my tweet, from a position of privilege, I admit, about "why have children if you can't feed them" has caused quite a stir. Which is still going on. I haven't reacted to many of the tweets, just observed.
I got attacked, agreed with, most whites reacted with
Racists remarks, many blacks called me a racist, others told me to get off etc.
My dad was 1 of 12 kids. 2 died. He said due to poverty. 2 were given away during the great depression to childless couples, and my dad, at the age of 16, lied about his age, joined WW2 to feed
His siblings. He only had grade 8, as he had to leave school to help on the farm. My mom, the eldest, left school at the age of 13, end of grade 8, to go working away from home, in a clothing factory. Her dad went into the opposite direction. Also to feed her mom, 2 siblings
And 4 other families on the street who's parents were unemployed. My father was greatly affected by the war, about his siblings given away because they couldn't be fed, etc, and he always told me, never have children if you cannot feed them. They did not ask to be here.
I was a "mistake ". Born 10 yrs after my brother and 12 yrs after my sister. The idea was only 2 children. I only had 2 children. My sister had 2, by brother 1. He didn't have much money at the time.
No, I don't say poor people shouldn't have children. I got a lovely
Tweet from a young man coming from poverty in a township to being successful today. Yes that happens. There is also a difference between poor and poverty. Poor people can put a meal on the plate. Even if only once a day. Poverty struck people cannot. They rely completely
On external help. Those people need to be feeded. We cannot turn our back on them. However, as the numbers grow, it is becoming impossible to help.
Yes, apartheid started all this. Apartheid caused poverty amongst blacks, who were largely self sufficient living off the land.
But we have to deal with the problems now. We have to address it now. Don't have 5 kids if you can only feed 1 or 2. Once redress has taken place, land redistribution etc and you can afford it, then by all means have your 5 children. My dad grew up on a farm. Potatoes
At the time of war. That's all they had to eat. Not much bartering of potatoes for eggs, milk, meat etc.
Yes I don't have a degree in sociology, I don't know what exactly goes on out there, but I do know, it cannot continue this way.
We have children to feed.
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