I just made a comparison of confirmed cases, tests done, % of confirmed cases wrt tests done & tests done per million of population between 4 major South States and Maharashtra.

The data is quite revealing!

PS: Telangana is shy of giving the number of tests done, even after repeated requests from the media and civil society.
Maharashtra done more tests than others, 25753 should be compared with 4 South States together 29149.

Their testing per million population is at 165 ppm, a moderately good number in comparison with all India figure of 95 ppm.

They detect 4.41% +ve cases, fairly representative
Regarding Kerala, Kerala done 11252 samples tested, highest among its neighbors.

Among the five states I chosen it tested 319 people per million of population, which 3.36 times of national average of 95 ppm.

Also after this extensive testing, their positive cases are only 3.07%
As far as Karnataka is concerned, they are at 100 ppm, just above national average of 95 ppm. Their strike rate of 2.72% is fairly closer to Kerala. But they should test more to find out how many positives are undetected.

Karnataka total test numbers are 2nd place in South
As far as Andhra Pradesh is concerned, they started aggressive testing off late but now reached a 114 ppm, a moderately good number, 2nd place in South, after Kerala.

Their strike rate is 6.2%, my recommendation to them to test more and see, whether more positives are around
Finally Tamil Nadu, who has 738 +ve cases, aggressive testing of people from Delhi conference detected this huge jump in positives.

13.11% positive cases are 3 times more than national strike rate!

They are testing only 74 ppm, below national avg of 95 ppm.

Must test more!
Even before Delhi conference data turn up on 1st April, let us see how TN performed.

Look at the data as on 31st March, the strike rate was so high as 5% positives, while testing was abysmal low of 33 ppm then.
So to give a comparison with Maharashtra, let me compare it with another big State Rajasthan.

Maharashtra population is 12.3 crores while Rajasthan is 7.8 crores!

Rajasthan tested 16782 people while Maharashtra 25753

So Rajasthan tested 214 ppm & Maharashtra 165 ppm.
Rajasthan strike rate is 2.27%, while Maharashtra 4.41%, as Rajasthan tested more representative samples than Maharashtra (214 ppm >165 ppm), it can be logically say that Rajasthan is having a better control
I will just make a blog post or article on this, today itself!
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