I just don’t get how people would wish a brightgulf series/ project in the midst of MewGulf still promoting, I am ok if they will have a project with other actors in the future but hyping brightgulf no matter how good the look tgt At this time when MG is still actively promoting-
Is way too soon. I am not a possessive fan if that’s what you think. I ship other cps too but I know when to run my mouth and filter what I put on the net so not to affect whatever promos MG has right now. MG is becoming a staple brand as a cp-
And y’all hyping brightgulf right now doesn’t help in mewgulf getting all the peak hype that they need as a cp for more projects of them together to come pouring in. mew and gulf already said that they want to work together for a VERY LONG TIME, but y’all already-
finding ways for them to work separately and y’all all giddy about it. On the other side, I respect ✊ P’Run and I am not one of those who attacked him, I don’t go in bashing people, what some of y’all did was way to disrespectful to Mewgulf’s friends -
Bashing him and reporting him so that his account got suspended is WAY TOO IMMATURE. Grow up people. Stop the entitlement. The bully and cancel culture is not cute. Do you think MG will not apologize in our behalf to him, just by thinking about it is already embarrassing me.
Again our role as a WANJAI or as a fan is not to be detective and nitpick on every SMALL details on whether Mewgulf is dating or not. OUR role is to support them in their current and future projects and protecting their CP so that MG can go for so long.
Can you all just stop being DISGUSTING for a minute and just hype mewgulf and stop the toxicity ?
Peace. Let’s all
Thank you all for coming to my ted talk.
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