Oh no. I have fallen down a rabbit hole of looking at every district in the Twin Cities distance learning plan, checking to see whether access to technology is required, if the district provides technology, and cross-referencing those expectations/resources with FRPL percentages.
I know I won't be able to stop until I have looked at every Twin Cities district and put them into the silly table that I made.

I was supposed to go for a run tonight.

This is a cry for help.
The silliest part is that I'm just confirming what I already assumed to be the case:

-Wealthier districts require access to technology and provide access to technology across grade levels.
-Poorer districts tend to only provide tech for upper grades due to device availability
I was told by a state legislator yesterday that Distance Learning doesn't "have to" mean e-learning -- kids can do packets.

Well, Distance Learning certainly *does* mean e-learning for wealthy kids in Minnesota. #mnleg
If we are going to be mandated to do distance learning for the rest of this school year, some districts and charters are going to need additional technology funds from the state to close the technology gap.

Those funds need to be equitably distributed. #mnleg
Wonder if the kids out in Hopkins are doing packets during Distance Learning...

They're not.

"We have sent students and families home with technology devices because they are critical to your child’s engagement in Hopkins Distance Learning."
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