What I learned today: I have read a zillion Q posts today until my brain is mush. I will not pretend for 5 seconds that I’m smart enough to decode anything though I am a major Q follower. What I have decided though is that with the exception of a very few who 1/
Have need Q’d multiple times most of us don’t have a 💩 clue. Many are trying to decipher the 10 Days. Darkness. Me personally I think there’s overwhelming evidence of children being saved. But some say it was Q going dark for 10 days. 3/28-4/8. Not saying anyone 2/
Is wrong because I don’t know. However Q has gone dark more than once for 10 days or more so to me the reference would suggest something more important that not posting for a few days. I have done my own research and I’m just not adept at deciding so I have in fact tried 3/
To figure things out on my own but I’m not too proud to say that I have to leave that to those who are more skilled. However, those trying to claim specific dates & events w/out something solid only confuse those who are like me searching for truth or new Q followers.4/
Not saying I don’t appreciate theories and ideas but I’ve seen so many that fell through that it kind of makes us in the Qarmy start looking a little crazy. I’ve seen everything from saying the rapture is going to happen on Sunday to no communications. Bottom line no1 but Q knows
Currently I feel like we are all trying to put together a million piece jigsaw puzzle with no reference photo. A few of us match a few pieces together and guess at what the picture will be. No doubt it will be epic. But we don’t know when it will be completed or what days
Certain portion will be put in place. I stay all this to say to those like myself, don’t lose heart. Just because you can’t figure it out doesn’t mean you aren’t playing an important role in it all but don’t put all your hopes on what’s uncertain or unexplained either.
Simply trust the plan and know that all that’s being done is for the best and that together we will come out of this into the light. One day we will understand but maybe right now isn’t the moment for us to see the big picture. Focus on the small wins until we win the war!
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