It’s easy to see why @ParasiteMovie won 4 Oscars - incredible direction, incredible acting, and all around brave, bizarre, and beautiful film. #JaredLetoCinemaClub
We’re gathered here today to celebrate the reconnection of our phones and this bounteous Wi-Fi #mood
I bet his neighbor's network is "Pretty Fly for a WiFi”
“It’s a rock...thanks!”
This dog is staring into my soul
So metaphorical
“Jessica, only child, Illinois Chicago...”
Don’t touch your face!
“Handle then carefully for words have more power than an atomic bomb.” -Pearl Strachan Hurd
Great editing throughout this entire peach scene
Everything is better with hot sauce
Should we pause and wash our hands really quickly?
I hope she’s not making banana bread
This is Airbnb everywhere #Parasite #JaredLetoCinemaClub
Me on day 50 of quarantine trying some new workout I found on IG
Buckle up, things are about to get nuts #herewego
Didn’t see that one coming! #Parasite
Don’t call me sis! #Parasite #JaredLetoCinemaClub
When someone breaks the 6 feet apart rule #Parasite
Everyone’s just taking over this house #Parasite
The ram-don noodles dish served with expensive sirloin steak is another metaphor. #SoMetaohorical
The suspense #Parasite
Well, this is an awkward sleepover
This shit is INTENTS. #tentpuns
I’m gonna give this whole situation a big ol’ NOPE
Let’s not forget the real parasites. #Parasite
I don’t think she’s coming back from that one #Parasite
I don’t think he’s coming back from that one. #Parasite
Is this a bad time to ask if the cake is gluten free? #Parasite
I mean, you gotta feel for the event planner for this party. This could have been their big break. Pitch for Parasite 2, anyone? #Parasite
Oh, I guess he did come back from that one.
So it all ended happily ever after. #Parasite
I guess not. Let’s discuss below! #Parasite #JaredLetoCinemaClub
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