I think it's so powerful how on episode 4 Type talked about how his abuser was a roofer at his dad's resort and then on episode 7, when he was already at a much better place emotionally after being officially in a relationship with Tharn, he comes home to fix a leak on the roof.
Somehow, it speaks volumes about how Type is now trying and exerting effort to break free from the burden of his nightmares, after having shared some of his pain with Tharn and allowing himself to accept and give love. It was so simple and subtle and yet so symbolic.
It was equally devastating to see the contrast of the scene from episode 5 where Tharn and Type were coming to terms about being more than friends and episode 11 on the verge of them breaking up.

One was a desire for a love to begin, one was a desperation for a love not to end.
Consistency of style and vision is just so damn powerful and the director really showed that from the first episode to the last. It's so satisfying to witness how things come full circle with Tharntype not just in terms of the story but the visual journey that illustrated it. 💯
Last but certainly not the least, we now cry and celebrate this series' ultimate all-encompassing strength: MewGulf, their explosive science-trandcending, surreal chemistry and their superb caliber as actors who love their work and gives nothing short of excellence every scene.
Anyone who has seen this series could believe this: the universe and all the stars really aligned perfectly the day Mew Suppasit and Gulf Kanawut got casted as TharnType. This pairing has the sort of chemistry that truly happens once in a lifetime. It's destiny's power move. ♥️
In one of the earlier interviews/press con before the show aired where P'Mame revealed how Gulf got so shy and blushed red when he did the casting audition with Mew, Gulf was asked why.

His simple and honest answer?

"My body responded by itself."
Hence, the magic: their chemistry was born and rooted out of pure attraction. The charisma of their togetherness is so organic.

For P'Mame to risk it all just solely based on that is the boldest, most radical business decision ever. And it paid off. By god, it did.
There were many reasons why their pairing may have NOT worked: they are 6 YEARS apart. BL couples usually have cute size differences and theyre the SAME height and built. Mew is a BL veteran fresh out of a messy ship drama and Gulf is a newcomer with literally zero BL experience.
So why is it that when they look in each other's eyes, banter in dialogue or just stand next to each other, do they radiate so much heat and intense desire?

Why is it that when they touch or speak, you just see two people who are born to love and adore each other? HOW?????
In Tharntype, MewGulf brilliantly capitalized on all the supposed negatives and turned them into positives. Mew's BL experience translated in the masterful way he kisses and makes love as Tharn. Gulf's newness made his portrayal of Type endearingly raw, poignant and refreshing.
Somehow, this beautiful collision of MewGulf made TharnType such a great blend of two very powerful things: SENSUALITY AND SINCERITY.

They made you feel the hunger and the lust but they also tugged at your heart in various shades and depths of emotions.
The way Mew exhibits passion is breathtaking. He truly embodies a lover who thrives on giving and seeking pleasure. Gulf amplifies the heat by producing the most erotic expressions. The way his face contorts in gentle pure desire is so incredibly arousing.

Gulf was a revelation as Type. In every scene, you would never see a rookie actor making his debut; you'll just see Type Thiwat brought to life. He is a force to be reckoned with. This is a gifted actor who can naturally wear a character so seamlessly and make it his own. Damn.
In the hands of a lesser actor, the Type character would've been nothing more than yet another annoying, ungrateful loudmouth tsundere stereotype. But Gulf portrayed him with so much rawness so you can't help but see the vulnerable boy who loves just as ferociously as he rages.
Gulf portrayed this difficult character with ZERO sense of self-preservation. There was never any hesitation, never an ounce of holding back. He just...let go and became Type 100%.

His bravery was stunning. It makes me so excited for all the roles he will play in the future. ♥️
Mew's portrayal of Tharn was the career-defining performance he so rightfully deserved and earned. Not only did he have the flawless physical aura to match Tharn Kirigun's perfection, he also gave this character's personality so much warmth and heart.
Much has been said about his phenomenal command in bed scenes but his line delivery and emotions is just as impactful. This scene is so underrated but can we just admire how Mew brilliantly and effectively showed pain, exhaustion and utter brokenness in his eyes and voice?
See, the challenge in playing likeable characters is the very thin line between being genuinely nice and being a doormat. There may have been moments when we felt so much pity for Tharn but Mew really made us believe through this role that kindness is also a form of strength.
Through TharnType, MewGulf has boldly made a statement. Gulf has sent a loud warning that he is the power actor to watch out for in this era. Mew has strongly proven that he is the dream lead actor any series could ask for.

Brace yourself, Thailand and the rest of the world. ♥️
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