#Recycling: A thread.
@HaleyLowry1 sent a great video to the sustainability team today reminding us the importance of #Recycling as we are all working from home, and even showed us her cool rug made of #RecycledPlastic.
Then @SpikezJulie asked us all to show off some of our favorite recycled objects. Because #recycled isn’t putting something in the bin, it’s when it gets turned into something useful. #StopTheWaste
So I thought of my #recycled rugs, one #recycledplastic and one I love from @ladder34 made of recycled firehoses.
I like it when the conference SWAG is useful and contains recycled content. And not just those bags, but things like this #recycled plastic water bottle and this #reusable sandwich bag with 25% recycled plastic.
We need to stop thinking that #recycled products are lower quality. My husband loved it when I got him this recycled truck tarp hat…before the Zombieland movie came out.
And I love my recycled plastic purses from #Freitagbags and my recycled rubber purse from #EnglishRetreads. Not only do I like the way they look, but they are SO DURABLE.
There is the non-photogenic, but #EnergySaving recycled blue jean insulation in my attic for improved #EnergyEfficiency in this #Houston heat.
And other items useful items now that I have more time to cook at home. Like my #recycledglass plates from #FireAndLight when I’m feeling fancy, and my #recyledplastic @Preserve plates when I’m not.
We can buy less and #repurpose used items, like this #artchair that got a new life, or the train table turned @LEGO_Group table when the kids grew out of toy trains. Or the toddler table turned end table as the kids repurpose their bottle cap collection.
It's sad how many great companies aren’t around anymore. Their products were functional, durable, and well loved. I look forward to new #innovation in recycled products and will keep looking for opportunities #repurpose so I can use less.
So thanks @HaleyLowry1 and @SpikezJulie for the inspiration. So, come on everyone, show me your favorite items that you have #repurposed or that are made with #recycled content. Together we can #StopTheWaste and #CloseTheLoop
And @JeffWoosterRS you can show off your pants, but I’ll still pick on your lamp ;)
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