This is #NotEssential & #NotSafe. This video was taken in Framingham at a @DellbrookJKS site. @MassGovernor, do you know this company? You should re-think your decision to this open. Your "guidelines" are being IGNORED! #ItCanWait #StoptheSpread
Same @DellbrookJKS site, 59 Fountain Street in Framingham. Casual response for a company Super, eh @MassGovernor? We care about carpenters, whether they are in a union or not. Doesn't look like Dellbrook does. #StoptheSpread #COVIDー19 #ThisCanWait!
Here's the carpool (w/Jersey plates!) showing up at a @DellbrookJKS site in Lynn (34 Monroe St). Think they waited 14 days, @MassGovernor? Questionable stuff, company-wide at DellbrookJKS. #NotEssential #NotSafe #ItCanWait
Honesty? Did you tell @MassGovernor your jobs were following guidelines?

Integrity? Making sure workers are safe shouldn't be something that has to be enforced.

Family values? Or workers' families in danger?
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