1) Ever hear of the Dieppe raid in late 1942?

It was viewed as a failure because it didn't achieve its stated objectives. In fact, its real objective was to determine exactly how tough it would be to invade France. The Allies found out.

Tough. They used the lessons on D-Day.
2) Just spitballin' here, but IF it is determined that the China Virus was deliberate . . . and I think at worse the odds now are 50/50, then why not something more deadly?

3) The answer may be Dieppe.

4) This very well may have been a test of Western preparedness . . .
4) contd . . . resolve, and resiliency. If so, I think the Chicoms learned a lot---much of it not good for them.

5) We will quickly address issues like the Crozier affair on board the Roosevelt.

6) I expect by the end of the year our economy will be roaring---with important . .
6) contd . . . exceptions in travel, entertainment, and sports.

7) Moreover, I think what WE learned will be as valuable if not more, namely that we can overcome such an attack (historically speaking) extremely quickly and with little long-term damage.
8) In short, I think the Chicoms will be glad they did not launch their "D-Day" effort and had to pay the full price.

Because a price will be exacted, but it will be commensurate with the damage.
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