Day 68: This is gonna be a long one.

It's been a disappointing day.

But when it comes down to it, progress - the fight against the #ClimateCrisis, the fight for #ClimateJustice, the fight for the people and the planet - is more than just one man.

It is more than all of us.
The #ClimateCrisis claims lives every day.

An estimated 4.6 million people die from air pollution each year actoss the world.
In the UK - my country, my beloved country - we lose 64,000 friends and family members a year to air pollution.

In the UK.

This is a fight we must win.
Just think - just think! - on 64,000 dead Britons a year.

Britons who could have been saved.
And yet more who still could be.

But only if we take action.

People are dying.
The streets are flooding.
The woodlands are burning.
The oceans are turning to acid.

We can't wait.
And that's just Great Britain.
That's not even all of Great Britain.

5 dead in California's wildfires in 2019.
34 dead in Australia's bushfires in 2020.
11 dead in Great Britain's floods in 2019.
66 dead in Jakarta's floods in 2020.

To start.
Just to start.
This can't continue.
We know that the #ClimateCrisis claims people's lives.

Which people?

The regular people. The common people. The working people.

The people who have the least power and the least means with which to fight for it.

Bernie Sanders fought for us.

And now we have to fight on.
We can't give up.

We can't surrender.

We can't go gently into that good night.

Not us.
Not now.
Not here.
Not ever.

We have to fight.
We have to keep fighting!!

As one.

We have to fight for #ClimateActionNow.
Tomorrow, I will set to work - and I will work harder than ever.

Wait - no.

Now I will set to work.

Because that's the mindset we need.

We can't delay this any longer.
Not while there are bodies in the streets.
Not while our people are dying.
Not anymore.

Keep fighting.
'Our Revolution' sits here on my bookshelf - between the works of two great philosophers, Plato and Seneca.

It also sits just a little below another book - by @Prof_CThomas.

The book is about nature and its surprising strength in the time of anthropogenic climate change.
It is an excellent book, but for now, I will simple look at its title.

'Inheritors Of The Earth'.

I'm not one for generational generalistions.

But some of us are about to inherit a dying planet.

And we need everyone to work to save it.

For all of our sakes'.
No matter what, we must work for the future.

We must keep the future in mind.

We, the people, must build a future for ourselves - not for the establishment who sneer down at us from safety.

We, the people, are dying.

We, the people, must keep fighting.

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