The woman in this photo is my great grandmother Magdalene McEnnally, who died aged 29, a few years after this wedding picture was taken. She was missed in my family for generations.

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In the flu pandemic of 1918, the rules were relaxed too soon. 12,000 Australians died in the second pandemic wave when we became complacent too soon. My great grandmother was one of them.

Everyone wants to see the current restrictions released as soon as they safely can be.
I know that some younger people may think that they won’t suffer badly if they are diagnosed with COVID-19.

But we have to learn the lessons of this pandemic & the pandemics that have come before.

Around the worldthere are plenty of fit and young people in intensive care
Please keep staying home this Easter. The more people who stay home, the  fewer people will die. Let’s keep going Australia, lives depend on it.
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