Why isn’t Dr. Hinshaw delivering this presentation? #ableg
This is totally bizarre. Kenney should leave the science and modeling to the public health professionals like Dr. Hinshaw. He is definitely creating more questions than answers. Not helpful. #ableg
At least they didn’t give him a laser pointer. #ableg
This is one of the strangest press conferences I’ve ever seen. Kenney appears to be riffing parts of a PowerPoint presentation about Alberta’s COVID-19 modeling. Very confusing. Very strange. Where’s Dr. Hinshaw?
This is how we live now.
Kenney is now 52-minutes into a meandering and disjointed PowerPoint presentation about COVID-19 modeling. Last night on TV he was on-point in his warning about COVID-19. Today he is totally confused and out of his league. #ableg
Dr. Hinshaw is now here. Thank goodness. She will now clearly and calmly explain in 5 minutes what was said by the previous speaker in 53-minutes. #ableg
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