By "cheat" I meant that it's harder for the GOP to suppress the vote.

🔹There's a paper trail, so recounts are possible. With some machines, there's no paper trial (looking at Texas)
🔹The voter can find out way in advance if there is an issue. With in-person voting. . .

. . . voters often show up at a polling place and learn they've been dropped from the rolls. This requires a provisional ballot and big hassles and it might not be counted.

🔹There are no tricky ballot marking machines (looking at Georgia). . .

. . . this means that all ballots are paper and hand marked (so the voter has complete control).

🔹No worries about machines flipping votes and leaving no trace (looking at TX again)

🔹No worries about polling places suddenly closed, or switched . . .

. . . this is a favorite trick for suppressing votes: Close polling places in heavily Democratic areas and make people travel to a remote place (often people can't do this.)

🔹No worries about long lines.

🔹Less worry about large scale hacking

As far as procedures, one advantage of federalism is that states can try procedures if they work, other states can adopt them.

A few states have been doing all mail-in voting for years. They have the details worked out.

Want proof it's good for democracy? ⤵️

One problem is that lots of them aren't counted because they come in with errors like no signature. Some registrars are good about letting voters know so they can come in and cure the error. Procedures can help with that.

Another solution is to take your ballot to your. . .

. . .clerk (or whatever office is designated) I do this. The clerk checks to make sure everything is in order and gives me my sticker.

Can things still go wrong? Certainly. But less likely on a large scale.

In fact, I'll tell you all a story . . .

In law school, I was interested in election law (initially I wanted to BE an elections lawyer; I like elections 😉)

I attended a lecture from a visiting elections lawyer, who talked about his work. He told us this story (so you have to go to the next tweet for the story 🤣)

A volunteer worker in a local election found a box of ballots that hadn’t been counted.

She took the box out to her car.

It was raining.

She forgot to close the lid, so the ballots got wet.

She thought about what to do🤔 and got an idea.💡

This was before CA had the rule that all ballots must be handled with at least 2 workers present.

She took the ballots back inside and put them in the microwave to dry them out.

You guessed it. When she finished trying to dry them out, they were ruined and unreadable 🤦‍♀️

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