When people say “white people were slaves too” to justify doing blackface... lemme educate y’all real quick. I’m not too big on history, but y’all clearly need me to teach y’all sum. (thread)
Quick history lesson. Slavery was part of the justice system. That means if you committed a crime you either became a slave to pay your dues or you were killed. Now that we have prisons today, there is absolutely no reason for slavery, and prisoners are treated better than slaves
Not ONCE have I heard of a type of slavery where people were slandered for the color of their WHITE skin and were then stripped of their human rights, dubbed as less than a person (3/5 compromise. Pay attention in history) because of their WHITE skin.
Black people, and so many more melinated people, suffered for generations. Forced out of their homeland, herded into boats, sailed across the pacific, forced to work hard labor with little to no reward,BELITTLED for their skin, traumatized into thinking they’re less than a person
, fixed into a mindset where they think they can’t be anything in life because they’re slaves, because they’re ni—ers, whipped, beaten, raped, tortured, stripped of their culture, turned against each other for personal gain, all because of the color of their skin.
And still to this day we’re treated poorly than the average white person in society. Automatically either deemed “ghetto,” -which, fun fact, originated in the holocaust when Jews were forced out of their homes and into slums, isolated from all non-Jewish people-
Or they’re “whitewashed” or an “Oreo.” Never anything in between. People of color grow up in a world where white is beauty, and people of other races don’t exist. Think I’m wrong? Close your eyes and imagine the ideal man/woman over the past 100 years. Not your personal
preference, just a generalized male or female that symbolizes beauty over the past 100 years. Did you think of a white person? Marilyn Monroe, the Kardashians, some pale skinned, straight haired person. We were raised believing that’s beauty, and it is, but it’s not the only
form of it. Black people everywhere BLEACH THEIR SKIN!! to look lighter. Black people everywhere straighten their hair, damaging their natural curls,to look “more professional.” Black people everywhere have to change their voice or way of speaking when talking to authoritative
figures so they sound “more professional.” Black people everywhere are still to this day discriminated or underestimated in their daily life. Black people everywhere get denied jobs because “they’re not the demographic” every day. Black people everywhere get
OFFERED jobs every day, not because of what they’re capable of, but because a company wants to be “more diverse” to the public eye. We all suffered for our skin. And you want to wear it for fun? We won’t tolerate blackface because of everything I said in this thread.
We EARNED our skin. We SUFFERED for our skin. You can have a cultured style, but do NOT try to wear our skin “because it’s cute.” You do not know all the struggles we’ve been through because of this skin. I’m not saying it’s okay to whiteface (I don’t know why anyone would)
Because nobody of one race should try to imitate anyone of another race. It’s offensive to anyone in general to steal their culture (do English speaking white people even have culture of their OWN?) and twist generations of suffering “because it’s cute.”
And when I say “white people,” I don’t mean all white people, just the uncultured ones. If you speak a native dialect or practice unique religion, you’re part of the people who suffered for who they are. Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Indians, Middle Easterns, Russians,
Germans, Swedish, Jews, Hebrews, Muslims, and many others have suffered for their culture, but blacks (and Asians, but this one isn’t about you) suffered the hardest for their skin. Don’t take away something we worked so hard to be proud of and flaunt.
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