For those awaiting Alberta's latest #covid19 Dr. Hinshaw-Kenney update, just got word it'll be a 20-minute delay. So follow my lead: Put the kettle on, put your feet up and grab a cookie, pals. #ableg #cdnpoli
To Kenney first. Says a personal friend of his has been in ICU for three weeks. #covid19 #ableg #cdnpoli
Modelling is intended to show expected trends, not day-to-day predictions AND these numbers will change as we get more data, Kenney says. #covid19 #ableg #cdnpoli
Here are the latest cases, by the way. We're at 29 deaths with 50 more cases since yesterday. #ableg #covid19 #cdnpoli
Kenney is going over modelling now, but guys I would *really* encourage you to go and watch this part on YouTube (now or later) because I cannot really describe the charts. #ableg #cdnpoli #covid19
Alberta's slope is half as high as the national picture, though. Hang on I'll see what I can find in my briefing notes for charts. #ableg #cdnpoli #covid19
Here are the charts Kenney is talking about. REALLY encourage you to check these out. Keep in mind these numbers will change as the situation moves on, and read a few news stories from trusted outlets to put it into context. #ableg #cdnpoli #covid19
For those unable to access that site, here are some key charts (Kenney is just going through them so I'll post as he's talking) #ableg #cdnpoli #covid19
On this one, Kenney says it's NOT just the elderly who are impacted and the more it spreads among the young, the more easily it'll spread to older folks. #ableg #cdnpoli #covid19
This is also an important one. Note that Alberta has now overtaken Australia so OK WHATEVER ALBERTA YEAH WELL DONE *throws Vegemite at screen, crushes beer can, rides away on a kangaroo* #ableg #cdnpoli #covid19
A lot of you are asking me, but: No, I do not know why Kenney is talking about the modelling and not the chief medical officer of health, Dr. Deena Hinshaw ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯ #ableg #cdnpoli #covid19
Kenney says this is the key chart. The red line is where Alberta would have been today if we hadn't put in a bunch of public health measures #ableg #cdnpoli #covid19
Kenney goes on a tangent about the single provincial health model, and says it's the best thing Alberta could possibly have done and has come in handy with the pandemic. Ok. That's. Alrighty then. #ableg #cdnpoli #covid19
Right so now we're moving to ICU capacity. Increase in ICU beds by 1100 beds by the end of this month, by adding more beds to units and switching some surgery rooms to ICU. #ableg #cdnpoli #covid19
This is page 22 of the powerpoint, by the way.... and there are 31 pages. #ableg #cdnpoli #covid19
On a personal note: This #ableg briefing is making me both supremely cold and very sweaty at the same time. My body is really having a week. #covid19
Here's some info on PPE equipment. Oh interesting there are charter flights bringing this stuff in. Kenney also says only those who NEED an N95 mask should be using one. The rest of you stop it. You'll get them if Alberta gets redundant supplies #ableg #cdnpoli #covid19
Kenney says he really hopes a rejuvenation of the Canadian manufacturing crisis is what comes out of this whole thing. #ableg #cdnpoli #covid19
Kenney rapidly approaching the 50-minute mark here.... #ableg #cdnpoli #covid19
... aaaaaand he moves to Alberta's plan to cope. He's onto the last slide! LAST SLIDE!! #ableg #cdnpoli #covid19
Kenney turns to surveillance of people via app. Says the government will NOT be tracking you via your cell "that's ridiculous." It'll just be if you're under quarantine order. "This is not a violation of civil liberties." (Still throwing out my phone🤗) #ableg #cdnpoli #covid19
Kenney says all these relaunch mechanisms will be rolled out regionally. AND NOW WE'RE GOING TO DR. HINSHAW (and Kenney says soz for taking so long, yo) #ableg #cdnpoli #covid19
Hinshaw says the modelling will evolve over time. The most important factor about the impact of #covid19 is the behaviour of each and every one of us. Keep physical distancing and all other health guidance. #ableg #cdnpoli
Everyone who dies is a loss and was loved by family and friends. We can reduce cases - this is in our hands. "Every action makes a difference." #ableg #cdnpoli #covid19
Hinshaw says some more changes to testing: Daily testing numbers still lower than labs can process. Calgary has a higher % +ve rate in testing, so testing will be expanded to ALL residents of Calgary who have a cough, fever, runny nose, sore throat #ableg #cdnpoli #covid19
"The coming days and weeks will be critical," Hinshaw says. We must do all we can to limit the spread of #covid19. "This is in our hands." #ableg #cdnpoli
To Dr. Verna Yiu from AHS, who says this modelling is crucial for people to see and understand. These numbers help us all plan for a surge in demand for health care, she says #ableg #cdnpoli #covid19
Our frontline health care workers are Albertan heroes, Dr. Yiu says. Help frontline staff by washing your hands, staying home as much as possible, practicing physical distancing #ableg #cdnpoli #covid19
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