This is a shocking & worrisome grovelling post by a Deputy Min.

Here I do a #FactCheckingMakandiwa over a sermon he delivered online on Sunday claiming they were revelations from his #AbrahamicGod, the father of a Hebrew with a Greek name, Jesus,
I shall indicate some of the claims by @EMakandiwa in his sermon & refute them decorously & with civility in the same way I hold discussions here.

I will show how Makandiwa is scientifically ignorant, infantile & doesn’t use credible scientific thinking.
Makandiwa has watched videos & read articles that contain conspiracies, hoaxes, falsehoods & unscientific claims.

He said "ignoring the Church always comes with a high cost."

This applies for matters outside the #PublicSphere as ZW is a #SecularRepublic.
He calls himself a prophet who shouldnt be ignored since there is a cost to ignore or attack him. Throughout he was speaking more about himself. Vainglorious!

He claimed (2:51:29) that the covid19 death rate is the impact of his prayers.

Both these are arrogant statements.
He called public responses against the @SundayMailZim article about him (2:53:24) were a "rage of the heathens" (Acts 4:25).

Isnt this an insult?
From 1:51:28-2:00:35, he is responding to the criticism against the Sunday Mail.

Did he do the editor a favour by defending her like that when he is the beneficiary of editorial positive coverage?

Is that not conflict of interest?
Furthermore he attacked her predecessor, @MabasaSasa for negative coverage of him when they wrote "against him every Sunday" (1:58:36-40)

Mabasa doesnt have a right of reply on his pulpit & one then wonders if that is a pulpit for prophecies or self-defence.
If Makandiwa considers the Sunday Mail with its circulation of 15,000 copies too insignificant for him with the more than a million views of his prophetic sermon, why is he showing indignation of the purported negative coverage by a little newspaper?
He takes the exclusive credit for saving the current President of Zimbabwe (PoZ) through prayers & then calls those serving Zimbabwe under the PoZ as "little boys."

He interchanges talking & seek support about himself & the #AbrahamicGod.
Its not true that there was any country that did not know of an imminent breakup of an epidemic.

Politicians always ignored scientists.
As far back as 2010, the UK #NationalSecurityStrategy identified a flu pandemic as a #ThreatToNationalSecurity ( #TTNS) as a “tier one” “priority risk", page 27 & page 30, para 3.38-.39,
In 2013, the British Gvt was warned by scientists in the UK National Risk Register of Civil Emergencies by the Cabinet Office about the imminent pandemic on pages 11-15, paragraph #3.2-3.18, & that was ignored & disregarded.
Makandiwa wrongly ascribes the existence of a pandemic to the failure of the medical field. This is a new disease & it was science that discovered it, created preventive measures of it & working on its treatment.
Here this villager's understanding of what #5G is all about,
How do #infections like the coronavirus jump from animals to people?

Zoonotic diseases, which pass from animals to humans, kill millions of people every year. Where do they come from and how can we avoid them?
There is no-one forcing the testing or vaccination of Africans regarding corona virus.

Who is the "THEY"?
#ScienceLiteracy & #RespectForScience saves lives.

#ScienceSceptics have insecurities & vulnerability caused by a total disregard of independently verifiable evidence from credible sources.
Science seeks no conversion nor convincing. Its all about literacy.

Religion survives on proselytising & fear mongering.
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