So here is the math my friends for film industry in mumbai. Mumbai needs more than 6000 PPE kits every day. Each set costs around 800 rupees. From tomorrow for next 6 days we will be sending 1000 PPE set every day. That’s like 8 lac Rs / Day x 6 = 48 lacs. That I doing on my own.
But we have at least 14 to 18 days looking forward if everything goes right from here. How many of you can pledge more to help Mumbai. Just Mumbai where you all are currently stuck. Time for you all to come and contribute. Can link to suppliers to whom you can pay directly.
If you have this idea of helping mumbai it’s now. Thanks. @priyankac19 pls correct me if I am wrong. And I am not tagging anybody else. Hope this reaches to all who earn their living from mumbai. Thanks. #CoronaVirusInMumbai
And if we don’t fortify and protect our Doctors / Nurses / Other Support Staff. They are our first and only line of defense. If they fall we all fall. And for reference you can look at NewYork numbers. Let’s not fail mumbai. Let’s rise up and take the responsibility.
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