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The date the the articles of impeachment were delivered to Pelosi (jan 15) was same date the first Chinese coronavirus patient arrived in the US

Not a coincidence.

Q saying impeachment was meant to fail

It was a distraction from coronavirus developing in
China. US media focused solely on impeachment during impeachment process and not on spread of coronavirus in China

Deep State implemented coronavirus just in time to change narrative from @potus success and Biden’s failures

Impeachment was a loser for Dems but it provided
distraction from the development and spread of coronavirus. Coronavirus was the plan all along to defeat @potus.

Once impeachment ended with a loss for Dems, coronavirus introduced to US same day

All media focus on coronavirus

Dems now use virus to obtain funding for their
Stupid green projects and they use it to hold public hostage so they can attempt to get additional billions for their “pet” projects. The Bernie Bro’s are distracted by coronavirus and not making a huge deal out of Bernie leaving the race

Biden hidden away while @potus can’t
Attend rallies

Dems seek to modify voting so they can try to steal the election.

The truth will shock the world. Let’s hope it’s sooner rather than later. I honestly don’t know how much more people can take
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