2) For the benefit of those who are new to these discussions, I'll provide a brief history of efforts intended to prevent Donald Trump from being elected President and then, to remove him from office.
6) The VERY NEXT DAY, POTUS had his now-infamous phone call with Ukrainian President Zelensky.

That phone call was used as a pretext to impeach POTUS.
7) Impeachment is normally a lengthy process, but the House of Representatives, led by Adam Schiff completed its investigation in record time. They allowed almost no input from Republicans.
10) Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi submitted the article of impeachment to the Senate a month later, on January 16th, 2020. The Senate acquitted the President on February 5th.
12) The coronavirus was a growing problem in China during the entire month of December. Though China's government tried to conceal the facts, the spread of Covid-19 was not a secret.
13) Consider that a viral epidemic in China was building steam at the same time Congress was impeaching the President.

Is it possible that the impeachment in December and January was partly intended to keep Trump from paying attention to Covid-19?
14) That is the accusation that members of the press have leveled against POTUS this week.

What if the intent was to keep everyone's attention on impeachment (Including POTUS) while Covid-19 was spreading around the world?
15) As late a January 14th, the City of Wuhan denied the existence of any cases.

The World Health Organization echoed the position of the Chinese Government, saying there was no evidence of human-to-human transmission of Covid-19 in Wuhan.

16) The next day, January 15th, the patient who would become the first confirmed U.S. case left Wuhan and arrived in the U.S. carrying the virus.

H/T @M2Madness

17) The articles of impeachment were delivered to the Senate on the same day, January 15th.

18) Q posted a link to a tweet by @M2Madness with the information in tweets 16 and 17 ^^ and asked a series of questions.

19) The articles of impeachment were, apparently, held up in the House (H) long enough to allow the first carrier from China to enter the U.S. Then the articles were delivered to the Senate
20) The public was told that the delay in delivering the articles of impeachment was necessary to allow time to negotiate about the impeachment process and witnesses, but that was a cover story.
21) Everyone knew the President would be acquitted.
The impeachment wasn't about removing Trump from office.
It gave his enemies a venue with the press where they could hurl false accusations at him, and it distracted everyone from the impending pandemic.
22) The pandemic ended the President's rallies.
It ended stock market gains, economic gains, and unemployment gains, and it delayed China-trade negotiations.

(China would benefit greatly if it negotiated with Joe Biden instead of Trump.)
23) The pandemic ended the Democrat debates, locking in Joe Biden as the nominee. Biden has no public appearances scheduled and the structure of the Presidential debates may be changed. The pandemic ended media coverage of the Hunter Biden-Ukraine-China scandal.
25) Corrupt people in positions of power will do anything necessary to retain control. A major component of their plan is deceiving the public through propaganda.

[F] = foreign.
26) Doctors are being instructed to attribute the cause of death to the coronavirus, regardless of the presence of comorbid factors.

This seems like a deliberate attempt to artificially inflate the number of deaths.
27) Here's one doctor's reaction.

"Fear is a great way to control people."
28) Who would benefit from an inflated number of coronavirus deaths?

Democratic politicians see the pandemic as an opportunity to change voting laws.

31) Why did the World Health Organization oppose shutting down travel from China?
32) Why do Dems and the media oppose the use of Hydrochloroquine?
(Do they want the pandemic to worsen?)
35) Within 48 hours, the NBA announced that it would suspend the remainder of the season. The NCAA canceled its March Madness tournament.
Other professional and college sports teams canceled their matches.
Soon, public schools and businesses were closed.
36) With the media pushing fear and panic, the stock market crumbled.
Jobs were wiped out.
The press and key investors erased the economic gains realized under the Trump administration.
39) Q ended the above post with a couple of interesting observations.

Welcome to the [D][People’s Republic of China] party.

It does seem as if the Democrat party, the media, and China are working toward the same goals.
40) We have another instance of "The Silent War continues.."

(Note, there are 2 dots in the ellipsis that follows this phrase.)
41) This graphic shows a pattern of the number of dots in the ellipsis at the end of the statement, "The silent war continues."

On Feb 6 there were 5 dots in the ellipsis.
Feb 8 there were 4 dots
Feb 12 there were 3 dots
Feb 25 there were 2 dots
All posts since then have 2 dots
41) Q closed this post with [6+]
42) [6+] is likely a reference to George Soros, one of the trillionaires who control global events.
43) When [George Soros] calls, Dems race to answer.
45) It's interesting how some Governors jumped at the opportunity to restrict personal freedoms during the pandemic.

Almost as if that were part of some evil plan.

The Silent War continues..
46) Filenames of images are sometimes relevant.

47) Rothschilds. https://twitter.com/KellyS6202/status/1248030594459729921
48) In this post, Q linked to 2 articles and 1 tweet, suggesting we read them in order.
50) The article notes that HRC has been burning the midnight oil pushing for election rule changes.
53) Article 2 is an op-ed from Harmeet Dhillon ( @pnjaban) about how Dems are trying to change election laws in the wake of the pandemic.

54) Did you know that Al Franken was elected in a recount in Minnesota when election laws were changed after the election?

55) POTUS knows what's up.

57) Switching gears...
Q posted links to 2 articles and a quote about U.S Attorney John Durham who is investigating the Obama administration's surveillance of Donald Trump.
58) The filename for the attached image is "SilentWar_jpg"
59) U.S. Attorney John Durham is widely respected as being fair and objective.

He is reported to have relied on a "good versus evil" vision of the world while leading the investigation of former Connecticut Governor John Rowland.

60) The second article is long but worth reading. I'll post a few passages from it.

John Durham won't bring charges unless he has evidence of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt that would withstand the challenge of an appeal.

61) That is different from how some U.S. Attorneys operate.
Many will bring charges, particularly against wealthy clients, anticipating the case never going trial. They expect defendants to agree to pay fines rather than going to court.
(This practice is opposed by AG Barr.)
62) A lot of information is provided in the article about Durham's prosecution of organized crime syndicates.

63) Durham is notorious for his fairness and objectivity, even receiving praise from Eric Holder and former CIA Director Michael Hayden.

64) Durham refuses to discuss his cases with the press. He is not susceptible to outside influence and can't be rushed.

65) AG Barr indicated that Durham's investigation would not be rushed to appease anyone.

He predicted the investigation would "reach an important watershed" in late spring or early summer of 2020.
66) AG Barr will be interviewed by Laura Ingraham tonight. If any helpful informaton comes out of the interview, I'll add it to this thread.
67) U.S. Attorney Durham gave one public address where he discussed his views of law enforcement and reviewed some of the cases he's prosecuted.
68) Q posted links to a tweet and a website.

I do not yet know the meaning of: [out of order_insert important]
69) Link to Tweet:


71) I am not offering comment on the legitimacy of the images in the previous tweets.
72) Armored up?

Filename: Armor_of_God.jpg
79) Would the media and Dems allow lives to be lost to retain power?

Many of them are going to prison if they can't find a way to replace POTUS and Barr.

Difficult truths will soon see the light of day.
80) Referring to yesterday's cannibalism posts, Q asked how one would hide the truth about acts of darkness

You might create a website that discusses a real, but reprehensible phenomenon, and let the public know the website is fake, and then argue that the subject itself is fake
82) Q wrote:
How do you hide the truth?

The CIA weaponized the term "conspiracy there" to silence anyone who questioned the government's official narrative of the Kennedy assassination.

83) Those who were skeptical of the government narrative were vindicated after President Trump released documents regarding Kennedy's assassination.

JFK was hit by two bullets from two different directions, confirming that two shooters were involved.
84) Q asked anons to look into the JFK files shortly after they were released in 2017.
85) Elected officials are sometimes blackmailed by foreign state actors.
Being blackmailed causes them to serve someone other than the people they represent.
(Nations like China)
Did corrupt politicians exchange sensitive information with foreign state actors?
86) The NSA has access to all electronic communications.
Information exchanged between politicians and state actors revealing illegal activities could easily find its way to the Justice Department.
87) That information would not be hard to enter into evidence since many government officials are currently under (legal) FISA surveillance.
88) I think the speculation over the crimes involved in first unsealed indictments can be laid to rest.
89) It seems the first indictments will be related to FISA abuse by members of the Obama administration.
90) Some people believe that those who participated in the biggest political scandal in history will not be held accountable.

91) Video posted by @LukeGoldberg4
92) Q's reference to Scot-Free in the previous post is a hat tip to the production company that made the film "White Squall."

Q has posted the trailer to the film many times.
93) Q wrote: Patriots stand at the ready [shills whine].
94) Q wrote: Backchannels are important.

We know bad actors will be prosecuted because our backchannel source (Q) has clued us in to the President's plans.
95) Would POTUS make a statement like this if he had no plans to hold criminals accountable?

96) Apparently, @ObamaMalik follows Q
97) When discussing the coronavirus, the President has persistently said he is "at war."
At war with an invisible enemy.
At war with a plague.
At war with a monster.

Q asked us to compare and contrast and look at dates.
98) Most people assume POTUS is talking about the virus when he speaks of war, but he is not.

He's referring to the corrupt people who have weaponized (weapon of war) the virus against him and against the world.
100) On February 10th, Q suggested that POTUS allowed Obama holdovers to remain in certain positions & allowed them to commit illegal acts, providing evidence of their corruption.

The Mueller investigation and impeachment allowed the introduction of more evidence of corruption.
101) The meme "Hunters Become the Hunted" illustrates how the tables have been turned. Those who once hunted POTUS are now being hunted.
103) Why would the media want to make the pandemic appear worse than it really is?
104) From Rwanda.
105) WWG1WGA

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