Here’s a thread of stuff I’ve learned about Hawaii that I’m now going to share with you all because I’m bored:
Most of the pineapple you find on the island is actually grown from the Dole plantation in California. They used to grow it, but found it much more profitable to use that land for sugarcane. Even the pineapple in farmers markets & from aunties on the side of the road is Dole.
Speaking of auntie (& uncle): this is a term of respect used for elders in the community similar to the way we use sir and ma’am. Be careful who you call auntie/uncle however - it implies old age and can be offensive if you say it to the wrong person
Be respectful. There’s a lot of aggression on the island surrounding the TMT telescope construction on top of Mauna Kea. The protection of this site has quickly turned into a political statement. The green/red/yellow flag is the kingdom of Hawaii flag (before the US)...
The upside down red/white/blue flag is the Hawaii state flag and it’s orientation represents the island being in turmoil. There are many who want the US to leave Hawaii and have made this more and more apparent to the nonnative residents of the island. Avoid drama- be respectful
I’ll continue this thread of info later if people are actually interested!
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