Why do indian muslims use "victim card"?
Is BJP anti muslim?
(A live thread which I will keep updating)
“cow vigilantism”? (81 incidence since 2012 – 43 deaths, 144 wounded)
Subramanian Swamy on vice interview says Article 14 guarantees equality of equals and all people are not equal! Muslims are "not in equal category"
Also Subramanian Swamy said "If muslims become more than 30%, that country is in danger"
"I am being kind to them by not letting them come to India"
BJP MP Vinay Katiyar,
"Muslims should not be staying in India. They divided the country on the basis of their population. There is no need for them to stay in this country. They got a separate land.They should go to Bangladesh or Pakistan. They have no business to be India" (1/2)
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