After 10 days dark, Q returns!

Why did WHO make strong recommendation NOT to impose travel ban?
Why did D's ban use of HCQ?
Why is fake news pushing anti-HCQ?
When did Biden become front runner?
What happened directly after?
Silent war continues..
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"John is a dedicated Prosecutor who see things in absolute terms." Durham relied on a 'good vs. evil' vision of the world.
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Have you ever witnessed so much hatred towards a sitting President?
Why are division tactics necessary?
<Divided people can be controlled>
Define Propaganda
Infiltration instead of Invasion
They will stop at nothing to regain power!
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Read and discern for yourself.
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What is the primary benefit to keep public in mass hysteria?
>Mail-in voting
Are you awake yet?
Anon responds to Q:
This isn't just about voting.
Blunt and direct. Anon spells it out clearly for everyone.
Anon explains: this is their last desperate move as they circle the drain. "We will read the Constitution aloud as they're led out of the tribunal chamber, on the way to punishment"
Anons speculates on how Trump is diverting money away from the UN, and into the individual sovereign nations, derailing the UN globalist plan.
Tick tock! ⏰
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Put on your Armor of God!
The world will soon understand.
What are the odds? No coincidences
Why did Pelosi hold impeachment papers until Jan 15th? What was the marker? <COVID> Was impeachment meant to fail/distract from overseas dvlpt? How do you change narrative? Hold aid hostage? TRUTH WILL SHOCK THE WORLD
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Their Plan!
The silent war continues..
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