This new #Coronavirus stimulus bill still isn’t good enough and doesn't meet the principles laid out in the #PeoplesBailout. If its intention is to plug the holes from the last bill, then this bill doesn't do that.
We appreciate that @SenSchumer and @SpeakerPelosi have acknowledged that the last coronavirus relief package didn't go far enough, but neither does this one.
The last bill was a $500B free-for-all for corporations & elites, and this bill doesn't even pretend to address that by strengthening oversight over the bailout money.
Even worse, after the utter chaos we all witnessed in Wisconsin yesterday, this bill needs to include $4B in funding for election reforms or vote by mail.
The next package must dramatically increase economic support for families, such as through universal paid sick, funding for childcare, and monthly stimulus checks for people.
This bill needs to ensure that every person in our country, regardless of immigration status, has free access to testing and treatment, as well as economic support during this crisis
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