It’s mind blowing to read Turkish and Albanian tweeps commenting on US elections 😂 in my experience and jnoweldge US elections are the most complicated, thus one needs a lot of knowledge and research to understand and make predictions
Turks who recently came to US talk abt elections as though they r talking about TR. There is this stupid idea that the only way to integrate is through politics (bcus in TR everything is abt politics) but thats not true for US & they overdue it, speak as experts (v common in Tr)
Whereas for Albanians everything is about Albania and Kosovo as though the litmust test is “if he is good for Alb/Kos he’ll b good president”
No policy based discussions. They also speak as experts (as they do in Alb/Kos as well).
For most Bosnians tweeps too. Everything is about Bosnia as a litmust test. No policy discussions.
For Serbian tweeps it is different though. They are more pragmatic and they tend to plan who/how they can influence rather than think if they r good for Serbia as of now.
For most Macedonian tweeps it is: if this candidate is good for Albanians then he is bad for us :) (disclaimer: I have the best Macedonian mentor who doesn’t think like that but I am talking especially about Macedonian tweeps in DC)
Again, as someone who has studied political systems the US has one of the most complicated ones. Thus these comments are so funny 😆 and sometimes frustrating 😜
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