So, let me tell you why I quit my job at @tacobell last night.
1st off, why would any company encourage people to leave their house during (almost) nationwide lock downs? This whole free #DoritoTaco, butonly if you come in to get it or go through Drive through, is ridiculous. Make it available on delivery only.
Next, we have the GM from another store come into our, and all of a sudden we are supposed to stop taking orders, and shut down the restaurant. Now, we're all curious as to why, and we have our suspicions.
About 5 minutes later, we're told to reopen, and never mind...we're not closing. Until....
About 15-20 minutes after that. District Manager comes in, and tells us to shut down, stop serving. Then pulls the employees into the lobby and tells us our boss tested positive for #COVID19
Now, we have to close the restaurant, and we all have to quarenteen and can't work until we get a negative test result or 14 days pass by.
My question is, if you knew some of us were exposed, why did you reopen and keep serving people? That was at least 5 cars, and 3 people in the lobby, that are now possibly infected if one of us got it from our boss.
Why not just close, and stay close? Was that extra $100 or so in sales worth infecting more people?
I have lost faith in both their ability and willingness to keep employees and guests safe and healthy. If you're in #Seattle don't got to any @tacobell for a while. #seattlecovid19 #kingcounty @KCPubHealth
@komonews @KCPubHealth @seattletimes @MayorJenny I hope you all find this thread useful. Keep People safe, stay home #FastFoodIsNotEssential #StayAtHome #WaitingForResults
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